Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why I Love Diigo

And the answer is....Easy-to-access web-based bookmarks organized by tags. Yahoo!

I hated...My bookmarks on my work computer, organized by folder.  It was hard to find the resources and they were accessible in only one place.  

My life was changed....There are web-based bookmarks.  GENIUS! Diigo (www.diigo.com) and Delicious (www.delicious.com) are the most popular.  My bookmarks would be accessible from anywhere with internet access.  

And then I added bookmarks...I added my favorite favorites (see image below). With Diigo, I was able to add the URL, a title, mark the bookmark as “private” or “read later,” a description, and most importantly, choose TAGS.  Later, I learned to copy the bookmarks of others.   

And I left my bookmarks public!  Students, parents, colleagues, etc.,  can access my bookmarks.  I can also embed the link to my Diigo page on my school webpage. wiki, or blog.  https://www.diigo.com/user/robuprice

My tags
I can now find all of my bookmarks by their tags.  Webpages can have multiple tags, so can be found or grouped in a number of places. Here is a peek at some of my “tags:”

Ideas for the WL Classroom:

  • Teacher “tags” web pages for students to use for review, assignments, or independent practice.  Items can be tagged by:
    • Unit
    • Chapter
    • Topic
    • Homework assignment
    • Learning preference
    • Skill
  • Students can create a Diigo page for a topic, in the target language, as a classroom assignment.  

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