Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Infographics: 5 Ideas for the WL Classroom

Infographics are a great way for students to create and present with the target language using twenty-first century skills.  To ramp up those skills (, ask students to collaborate in groups. These ideas also support the ACTFL 5 C’s ( and the Common Core (

1.  Class poll/results.  Students create a poll or survey for the class in order to solve a class problem (,,,, give the survey, collect the results, then report them to the class, in the target language, using an infographic.  

2.  Autobiography.  Students create an infographic describing themselves in numbers.  The infographics are presented in the target language in small groups or in front of the entire class.  In the autobiography, students explore an issue of interest in the target culture that they are researching on their own.

3.  Global warming:  Statistics and solutions.  Students investigate an environmental issue in the target culture and create a solution.  Both the problem and the solution can be displayed using an infographic.  

4.  Class trip.  Students plan a class trip two places in the target culture.  The budget is prepared and explained for each place, and they are compared in the infographic.  The class evaluates the benefits of each trip and votes on a selection.

5.  Story explore.  Students create an infographic to summarize and evaluate a story read individually in class. Characters or locales in the story can be explained.  In small groups, students share their infographics, and then students choose two additional stories to read based on the infographics of their peers.

Sample infographic, courtesy of @nerdgraph

Some Infographic websites:

Helpful links:

ACTFL 5 C’s Executive Summary:

Common Core:

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