Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flipping the WL Classroom: My Experience

The Flipped Classroom
In the flipped classroom, students do the easy part at home - view the material - and use class time for the more difficult task of learning the material through small-group discussions and guided application. The teacher is present to facilitate success with new learning.  This classroom is “flipped” from the traditional model, where students often do the lower-level learning in class and the more complex parts at home.    

How I used it:  I employed it for teaching about culture or reinforcing grammatical concepts through videos.  For each assignment,  I created a page on my school website and a worksheet. In class, I demonstrated how to access the materials and reviewed the process for completing the assignment.  

Activity structure:  Students would often have the choice of which videos to watch, selecting two of the three videos on my school webpage. I structured worksheets so that students shared opinions and made connections with the material.  Sample assignment below.  

What I liked:  These activities were time savers; in class, we would discuss the ideas and concepts in the videos instead of wasting class time while watching them.  I found that the cultural videos were most successful (the highest completion rate) of all of my flipped activities.  

What I disliked:  I had a low success rate with reinforcing grammatical concepts through “flipping.”  While initially excited about the homework to watch clips, students ultimately were bored, frustrated, or uninterested in watching anything related to verb conjugations or grammar.  This could be due to my choice of videos.  I had more success with “relevant” material.

Review:  A very useful structure that is most successful when meaningful and personalized.  I will definitely continue to employ this technique in my future teaching.  


Online “Viewing:” French Kissing
For homework, you must go to my school website and watch any three videos listed on the French 1 page under “French Kissing.” You may (as an option) complete some of the online practice that is linked on the page.  Please fill out the worksheet below so that we can track your learning.  Be prepared to share your experiences in class.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video Topic
Before you watch the video:
What do you already know about this topic?
While you watch the video:
Write down 3 things that are interesting to you during the video.  Write down information about the content.
After you watch the video:
What did you find surprising about the video?
How you will be graded:
10 points
8 points
6 points
Mostly complete
Somewhat complete
Task completion
“Above & beyond”
Thoughtful, relevant, & personal answers
Evidence of watching the video
Thoughtful answers
Evidence of watching the video
Completed without thought
No evidence of viewing the resources
On time
1 class late
2 classes (or more) late
Your Grade
BONUS +1:  What was your favorite online practice game and why?  __________________________________________________________________________

Videos used:

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