Sunday, December 13, 2015

Guest Blogger for Cambridge University Press

My work as a consultant the past few years has brought me much new learning and experiences.  I have visited school districts around the country and connected with educators both online and in person.  I'm excited that in my role as a consultant, I have been asked to be a guest blogger for Cambridge University Press, writing about five teacher frustrations in the world language classroom. Please click the frustrations below to link to the corresponding post.  I would love to get feedback on the posts!  And happy holidays to one and all.

Frustration 1:  My materials are all over the place!
Frustration 2:  My textbook is filled with static!
Frustration 3:  My students love technology, but it's hard to integrate into my teaching.
Frustration 4:  It's impossible to finish my textbook in one year.
Frustration 5:  My students can't communicate!  (Coming soon.)

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