Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Honeymoon Is Over: Let the Learning Begin

Although I am not teaching full-time right now, I can't help but remember the ten years that I spent in my French classroom.  I always felt this way during the second week of September.
I have always loved the first days of school.  All of us are at our best.

The first week is heaven.  After a restorative summer, I have planned my "best year yet," by creating seating charts, tweaking the syllabus, planning a fantastic first unit of study, preparing for the important first five minutes, and by choosing the most important procedures to practice the first week.  Everything is perfect.

Suddenly, the second week, students begin misbehaving, the first absences occur, the desks wander from their arrangements, and classroom personalities begin to clash.  I have not, it turns out, finally "figured it all out."  The honeymoon has ended.

The school year has officially begun.  After laying the groundwork for a school year's worth of success, it is time to dig in, roll up my sleeves, and dive into those trenches.  Every day, I would look forward to the complex, frustrating, and satisfying work of teaching.  Let a year's worth of learning begin.

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