Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beginner's Guide to Padlet

Although I've posted about Padlet before, I couldn't resist sharing materials I recently created for a presentation.  (Interested in a screencast about Padlet?  Check this out, created by my friend Jennifer Plourde.)

What is Padlet? is a website that allows users to build a wall that can be written on with “sticky notes.”  Users can post to the wall, adding words, links, pictures, or documents. Each wall has a unique URL that can be customized to be easier to find or to remember.
Want to write on a Padlet?  Add a post here!  To post, just double click anywhere on the page.  The top part of the note is  for your name, and the bottom part is for the answer to the question. 
Check out my last post about Padlet, which includes ideas for classroom use.

1.  Making an account

2.    Complete your profile.  Please note that user names need to be fewer than 15 characters. 

3.  The Dashboard

4.  Making a wall:  Create the Padlet

5.  Modify Your Wall (Part 1)

6.  Modify Your Wall (Part 2); Click “modify wall” or the gear to see the menus below

7.  Modify Your Wall (Part 3):  Privacy

8.  Some Considerations
  • What is the purpose of the wall?  For a warm-up in the computer lab for example, you will not want to moderate posts, and can set appropriate expectations for posting.
  • Do you want to password protect the wall?
  • Do you want to link the page to your school website so that students can have easier access to the page?
  • What sorts of projects could students create using padlet? 
  • Do you want to embed a padlet on your web page?
  • Do students know how to make accent marks for posting?
  • Documents become pictures, so this is a great way to share documents but does not work well for document storage.

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