Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Using Mobile Devices with Socrative Replaces "Clickers"

Socrative ( is a free website for assessments that can be given via computer or with mobile devices.   

How does it work?
Sign-up is easy and free.  Below is a picture of the dashboard, which gives teachers the option of preparing questions in advance, asking one question orally and having students respond, giving pre-designed items, or using and editing quizzes created by other users.  

How do students access the questions?
When creating an account, teachers receive a room number that never changes.  In order to take the assessments, students login to the student portal through or by clicking on using the teacher room number. (See the image below.)  

What’s great about Socrative?
  • No student emails or accounts.  Students only need the teacher room number to access the materials.
  • Downloadable results.  For every assignment, students must enter their names.  When the assessment in finished, teachers can download student responses.  
  • Oral questions.  Unlike on similar sites (such as, teachers can ask a question orally or use pre-made items, such as the exit ticket.
  • Multiple questions.  Assessments can be made with a number of items.
  • Computers or mobile devices.  Students can respond with a computer or cell phone; if there are not enough devices in a class, different students are able to take the assessment on the same device.

Caveat Emptor (Does that apply to something that’s free?  But I digress...)
  • Teachers must start quizzes for students to access them.
  • Only 50 users per activity.
  • Requires the internet.
  • Survey results are not “pretty” and in real time like they are on PollEverywhere.

Ideas for Socrative
  • Poll students at the beginning of class about the order of class activities.
  • Ask students to create quizzes for the class as a homework assignment; use this as an opening activity.
  • Ask questions that resemble those on an upcoming quiz and use the data to plan a review class and to group students for activities.   
  • Exit tickets.  Use this feature to get feedback on class activities.
  • How is class going?  Survey students on your performance or their performance, and use the results to shape class structure.  
  • Interest surveys.  In order to discuss concepts in class, create interest surveys, then students share and analyze the results in small groups.  

Review in a nutshell:  Although the dashboard is a tad clunky, Socrative is great for formative assessments that inform classroom instruction, and it makes “clicker” systems unnecessary.  


  1. Love this! I use the (free, of course) iPad app Show Me (and sometimes Educreations) when I flip my classroom. I typically ask students to answer two or three questions and email me their responses so I can see how well they understood the lesson I gave. What you discussed seems much "friendlier" for me, and I can envision using it in so many other ways -- I just found a stack of "exit cards." I prefer to save some trees and use this format! Thanks, Amanda!

  2. Kristina - I will have to explore Show Me (I have used Educreations though.) I agree that Socrative is a great idea for saving paper - I hadn't thought of it that way before! I look forward to hearing how it goes in your classroom.